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Digital Marketing

The way that consumers and businesses buy has changed. They are likely to begin the purchasing process by  logging on to search engines or social media to get information and advice. The Professional  Development and Training program offers two great classes that give students the skills they need to compete effectively in the digital marketplace.



A website is the hub for a digital marketing campaign. In today’s digital economy, a website is a must have. It provides a level of credibility when a prospect can search for and find “yourcompany.com” when it looks for you on a search engine.

WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS)  powers simple blogs, corporate websites and everything in between. The WordPress class provides  a step by step process to build a cutting-edge website with this powerful tool.


Social Media Marketing

The universal appeal and widespread use of of social media offers small businesses a viable and inexpensive way to have a digital presence. Social media must be included in a digital marketing strategy.  4 Steps To Make Social Media Work For You will show you how to build a winning social media marketing strategy, how to select the right social media platforms and most importantly how to create compelling content, the stuff that brings your digital assets to life.


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